Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel of engineering and architecture and over the course of time; it has become an icon for California and the United States. The bridge spans over the Golden Gate and connects the city of San Francisco at one end to the Marin County on the other hand. It is a huge steel structure spanning over a length of 2.7 KM, which makes the Golden Gate Bridge one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. It was opened in the year 1937 when it became the world’s tallest and largest bridge. It is of great use for the commuters as more than a hundred thousand vehicles cross the bridge daily.

This bridge is highly significant in popular culture and it commonly features in movies and albums. It is also considered one of the wonders of the modern world, which is why our group had a huge interest in visiting this bridge. We were in California, United States for over a month and we had planned a tour to San Francisco. We spent a few days traveling inside the city before we decided to take the long drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

We commended driving across the bridge at sunset, which is one of the most scenic views from the bridge. There are six driving lanes supporting two-way traffic while there are pavements for bicyclists and pedestrians. We were traveling in a group on foot while the sun was setting in the Golden Gate. We captured this moment in our camera and took many other memorable pictures. A few operators are also offering bus services for tourists, which take them across the bridge while educating them about the history of this place. We traveled to the other side of the bridge in an hour since we were walking slowly. It usually takes an average person 30-40 minutes to cross the bridge. We spent a few hours on the other side of San Francisco before walking back to the city.

Exploring the beauty of the Golden Gate Park

Close to the Golden Gate Bridge is the Golden Gate Park, which is home to numerous gardens, lakes, monuments, picnic points, historic and cultural venues. We visited Golden Gate Park and spent a few hours here. It is among the most visited parks in the country and we treasured the time that we spent exploring the beauty of this place. Get more info about a journey to Tibet and its towering mountain peaks here.