Calabria, Italy

One of the best cities in Italy is Calabria, Italy. If you are reading this, you are probably searching for the top 4 things to do there. The city is located on the west coast of the Calabria region of southern Italy. This location makes the city one of the southernmost regions of Italy and lies directly opposite the eastern coast of the island of Sicily in close proximity to the busy port of Messina.

Like Switzerland, the economy of Italy depends on this whole region. The city’s economy depends on its port and coastal transport and it serves as a major link to Naples, Taranto and Messina.

Here are the top 3 things you can do in Calabria, Italy.

1. Castello Aragonese:

This great castle was considered as the main form of defense of the city for hundreds of years. It was originally built in the early Middle Ages and you will see the unique Italian architecture in it.
Calabria was a very important city during the previous age; that is why this castle was always maintained. That is why the castle is still in a fantastic condition. You can climb to the battlements and walk along the defensive towers.
Its location is in the center of Reggio Calabria and it is one of the iconic features of the city.

2. Lungomare Falcomata:

Calabria’s location makes it a coastal city. There is a long stretch of beach and public promenade.  The Lungomare Falcomata is one of the main beach strips.  Both locals and tourists go there to enjoy the sun, a walk, and to admire the amazing view of the coast.
The beach starts at the edge of the railway track stretching for miles until it ends at the bust station. You are going to enjoy the myriad of trees, benches, lighting, small parks and the fantastic open air Arena dello Stetto Amphitheatre.
In the evening, the place becomes alive because many people walk there to enjoy the sunset.

3. Reggio Calabria Museo Nazionale:

If you are searching for a cultural place to learn about the history of this great city, the Museo Nazionale is the most perfect place for this kind of information.
Its location is behind the beach promenade. The museum is located within a historic building adorned with many ancient features.
There is a huge collection of artifacts and relics belonging to the surrounding region. Some of them belong to the ancient Greek times.
The best items there are two Riace Bronze statues depicting Tydeus and Amphiaraus, a marble head of Apollo, various bronze pieces of furniture and a collection of ornate jewellery and coins.

• The Conclusion:

The history combined with great views is what you are going to see in Calabria. Italy. If you want a place where you can enjoy everything including your traveling with pets, it is the perfect place for your visit.